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At CoilChem LLC, we treat the problems, not the symptoms. With over 80 years combined coil tubing experience, our patent pending chemicals, patent pending delivery systems and job design solutions are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the challenging environments you face every day in the oil and gas industry. Along with our industry-leading chemical products, we also offer:

                                      • chemical training for our customers

                                      • on site testing

                                      • 24-hour support

For horizontal well operations CoilChem LLC is the smooth performer.

With CoilChem LLC,
You can turn this:

"...unable to reach the bottom plugs..."

"...friction caused the pipe to get stuck: the pipe cannot be rotated..."

"...drilling costs on the well are double expectations..."

"...debris in the well caused sticking...'

Into this:

"... improved weight on bit, lower pump pressures and reduced drill times

"...well is producing ahead of schedule..."

"...exactly as predicted: providing an 1,800 psi drop in circulating pressure..."

"...operator regained rotation of the pipe and was able to advance the tubing forward..."

"...the well experienced a pump pressure reduction from 5,600 psi to 3,900 psi..."

All Friction Reducers Are NOT Created Equal........
Introducing the FR1400 and the....
Your Complete Chemical Solution
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